Upcoming Meetings

NTPUD – Recreation & Parks Commission

North Tahoe Public Utility District

Recreation and Parks Commission Meeting

Date: Thursday, August 25th

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: North Tahoe Event Center

Update from staff on Phase 3 of the study

Past Meetings

Public Open House

Tuesday, May 23rd, a public open house was held to share the findings of the Needs & Feasibility Study. All members of the North Lake Tahoe community were invited to learn about the study’s recommendations, share input on what facilities a recreation & aquatic center might include, discuss their level of support for funding and building new facilities, and volunteer to help move projects forward in our region. Download a PDF of the Open House Presentation Boards Fill out the survey review of the Open House materials

Stakeholder Meeting

May 4th, almost 50 of the region’s recreation stakeholders and community leaders met to provide their feedback on the study’s findings and discuss their support for recreation facility recommendations.

Joint Board Workshop #2

Thursday, February 16th, the NTPUD and TCPUD Board of Directors met to continue their work evaluating the feasibility and necessity of new, modified, and/or shared recreational facilities in our region. This second workshop in Phase Two of the project was open to the public and included a consultant-led review of cost analyses and possible funding sources for any new, modified, and/or shared recreational facilities across our communities.
To learn more about the second Phase II workshop, please use the following links:

Joint Board Workshop #1

September 30, 2022, a Joint Board Workshop was held with NTPUD & TCPUD to discuss findings and opportunities for the needs and feasibility of creating new, modified, and/or consolidated active recreation facilities.
To learn more about the first Phase II workshop, please use the following links: