Joint Special Meeting Results & Community Update

At the Joint Special Board meeting held on January 31, 2024, the Boards of Directors from both Districts voted to continue with the planning and pursuit of the effort to bring a Recreation and Aquatic Center to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. The joint meeting was well attended, with online and in-person participation reaching close to 100 people. If you were in attendance, we thank you for your participation!

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The North Tahoe and Tahoe City Public Utility Districts have begun Phase III of the North Lake Tahoe Recreation and Aquatic Center Feasibility Study. Building on the prior two phases, Phase III will – 1) Assist the NTPUD and TCPUD in determining the best Property Based Special Tax Option to fund a Recreation and Aquatic Center and/or Field House Facility; 2) Poll the community to evaluate the level of support for a tax measure; and 3) Provide critical data to help inform the strategy for placing a measure on the ballot that could fund the project.

What Might a Joint Recreation & Aquatic Center Facility Include?

icons of recreation and aquatic center items

Something for everyone!

Where Would the Facility Be Located?

The Facility would be located at the Firestone Property in Dollar Hill, at the boundary of the TCPUD and the NTPUD. This property is owned by Placer County and large enough to accommodate a Recreation and Aquatic Center.

How Much Would It Cost?

The estimates for total construction, design, development, and permitting costs for the Facility would be $70.5 Million and an additional $14.5 Million for the Optional Joint Field House Facility.

How Would It Be Paid For?

Using a Property-based Special Tax Option, design and construction of the Facility would cost on average $472 per year / per parcel. Including the Field House Option would add an additional $99 per year / per parcel.

Additional user fees would be required and those would determined after opening.

Who Is Leading This Study?

north tahoe public utility district

North Tahoe PUD Parks and Recreation Management

North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) Recreation & Parks Department provides extensive year round recreational opportunities through the ownership and operation of the North Tahoe Regional Park, the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area, and the North Tahoe Event Center.  Additionally, the NTPUD maintains many of the public beaches in our service area owned by and under contract with Placer County.

tahoe city public utility district

Tahoe City PUD Parks and Recreation Management

Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD) Parks & Recreation Department operates and maintains public parks, beaches, and facilities, and provides recreation programming to enrich the lives of residents and those visiting throughout the year.

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